Plan Your Funeral

Celebrating life when it starts and when it ends

Planning your own funeral or memorial service can provide peace-of-mind to you and your family. Make decisions about the type of service and events you'd like to have and tell us about your journey and life experience that you have so far in this Universe.

    What is cryonics or freeze my body means?
    What is the mean of cremated?
    What buried means?
    Donate my corps or organs for science
    What is it embalming?

      Is weird to plan your own Funeral?
      Handy checklist to help you plan your Funeral in advance.
      What more personal stuff you'd like?
      Making sure you have the right people
      Leave inspirational messages or legacies


        Save up some memories so that you closed one can remember you from.
        What future technology may unveil?
        Memories upload and download to help Cryonic's revival in the near future
        Life is wonderful and full of surprises, bad and good.